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The CBD Experience -dosing and other questions.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

"CBD is less about feeling something than it is about Not feeling something."

I have been doing a lot of research and communication with CBD users this last 6 months and came across this amazing piece written by a nice man who spent a lot of time researching CBD Oils for his son, on Reddit. It absolutely sums up what I have been telling our customers for years about the experience for some CBD Noobies. Most people take the recommended dose and Bam, instant benefits. They may go up or down, (titration), a little bit or over time but they seem to have an instinctual ability to adjust as they go. Kind of like being in touch with what you should eat in the Summer VS the Winter. Others have a longer and sometimes frustrating experience trying to find "The Sweet Spot". Please enjoy this piece from 82bazillionguns and while you read remember our product is Nano-emulsified, (Made into tiny packets of molecules), so the dosages are 1/4 or less, we recommend sub-lingual ingestion not direct path to stomach, and remember too, if you have any questions you must reach out:

"The thing that makes cannabinoid medicine that discourages people is the inconvenience. Even before it was removed from pharmacopoeia in 1930, the most difficult part of using cannabis tinctures was not in the efficacy or safety, but the proper dosing. The same person could have a different response to the same medication. This is particularly true with orally dosed CBD, because stomach content, how much and how long since you have eaten before or after can effect the processing in your digestive system. Literally everyone's body responds differently because everyone's ECS (endocannabinoid system) has varying levels of androgynous endocannabinoids (2-AG and Anamdamide respectively). If one is very deficient, then larger doses may be required. Some people are fine with a 10-20mg dose, and others maybe need 50mg, 100mg, or more. If someone happens to fall into the latter camp, then it will take much longer to dial in what is a therapeutic dose for you. Hearing anecdotal experience is wonderful, because it might not be a RDBPC (Random Double Blind Placebo Controlled) study, it still is evidence. However that experience is unique to the individual.

It takes time and effort to dial in the right product and right dose for you. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but a very trusted cannabis researcher I am friends with that works on formulations with hemp and cannabis told me that some people do not respond to CBD, no matter how much they take. He has a daughter with severe autism and seizure disorders and she does not respond to CBD. She does respond well to CBG + THC. In my personal experience, CBD is not analgesic and while consistent use will reduce inflammation and this in turn reduce pain, using THC and CBD together would be more effective at dulling pain while working together harmoniously (Entourage Effect). There is a tipping point and if one is not a fan of the intoxicating effects of THC, a high CBD to low THC product could have pain relieving effects with little intoxication, like a 20:1 or 18:1 ratio. If you cannot find relief at these ratios then a 1:1 might be the next step.

If you are taking any other medications, OTC or prescription, you should consult a pharmacist or a cannabis physician for potential interactions. Yes, they exist. You can search for "CBD + cytochrome P450"., search for interactions for cannabidol. There are many. It is not recommended to mix any other medications with CBD, waiting at least 2 hours in-between. This isn't medical advise, I'm not a doctor.

Everyone's ECS is different and most people give up before they have taken CBD long enough and/or at what a is therapeutic dosage for their bodies. It is important to keep a daily journal of your experience. Record how much you took When you took it How long it took to take effect How long the effects lasted and Any noticeable side effects and/or benefits.

Start low and slow. Take the same dose for at least 3 days before titrating up. 0.25ml increments is what is generally recommended if taking a tincture.

You also may have to experiment with different methods of intake. Smoking/Vaping = Faster onset but less duration. Edibles = Slower onset and longer lasting effects. You may also respond differently to different brands. Even if it’s the same mg/ml, terpene profile or inclusion of other minor cannabinoids can make the difference. I found that my son responded better to a different product. It’s not saying product B is superior to A, it’s just that B worked better than A for my son.

Takes time, patience, logs and likely trying different brands to dial in a product/dose that is therapeutic for your body. CBD is less about feeling something than it is about Not feeling something." - 82bazillionguns

Thanks Royal Queen Seeds for the image.

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