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CBD Healing? - Chronic micro-dosing and journaling.

We spend a lot of time talking to our customers about some pretty serious health conditions, (thanks Reddit), and we can see how chronic imbalances in homeostasis and blockages in energy flow can create dis-ease. We have also found that CBD works with the ECS, (endocannabinoid system) to help the body re-balance itself on a moment to moment basis, thereby urging healing, but the body, which makes it's own cannabinoids, (Anandamide and 2-HG), only stores cannabinoids for so long.

It can take years of chronic behavior to develop a dis-ease so it might take some positive chronic behavior to back out of it. A big dose of CBD might make you feel incredible for a few hours but there is a limit of efficacy in the size of dose, both at the moment and over time. Again, the human body can only use so much of the cannabinoids you introduce at the time and can only store a certain amount for a limited time. There is no magic pill, sorry, but there might be some missing cannabinoids in your magical ECS. Bottom line? Long-term CBD healing is like adopting a new regiment at the gym or starting and sticking with a new diet. We are talking about a CBD life-style change!

Second Bottom line? Micro-dosing throughout the day, different dosage applications of sublingual and topical, and keeping notes on what is happening in your life is the best way to use CBD to heal yourself. OHS 33 has an added benefit in that process that most other CBD Oils don't:

we have True+Nano sizing for more bio-availability, lower cost per effective dose, and free customer dosage intuitive counseling. Check in!

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Do u trade in uk?

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Yes however shipping is expensive.


Seems pretty tame but it's actually a breakthrough!

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