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Chronic Fatigue and Immune System Disorders + CBD

Here is an interesting article by someone who had success treating herself with CBD. I have a friend that displays Fatigue Syndrome who is also helped by CBD. Here are two quotes from the article:

"ME/CFS is a disease of total body disequilibrium, and cannabis is a biological equalizer with the potential to treat several symptoms simultaneously. For many of us who had all but given up hope of a normal life, it’s as if cannabis was tailor-made for our disorders. For the chronically ill, a little hope goes a long way."

"It’s been almost fifteen years since I was taken down by a mystery illness. These days I am functioning at about 80 percent of my physiological capacity – and that feels like remission to me. I manage my health by eating a mostly plant-based diet, exercise, stress reduction, some supplements, and daily dosing with a CBD-rich tincture, with occasional THC-rich cannabis at night."

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