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33mgs per ml

Not Isolate Based.

No Surfactants

Pharmaceutical Grade

"OHS 33" True+Nano™ CBD


We are a gifting/buyers club that gives free CBD oil to Cancer sufferers & Veterans who are resource challenged. We share the best sun charged, "pharmaceutical grade", organic practices grown, full spectrum, max-bio-available, True+Nano CBD Oils with you, and your donation/purchase  supports the cause. It's a Win Win! We have gifted over $1M so far but we need your help! Now more than ever. 


Each batch is hand formulated from heirloom seed stock with a special process known to only a few.

Zero Hype. Max Energy Flow Restoration. If you know you know.

Send us a message above & tell us what's up. We'll e-mail dosage recommendations for maximum benefit. Ask for a discount code if you need it or refer a friend in need. That's it. We are an organic hemp society after all.


No obligations guaranteed. Buy without opening an account.

You are the Healer, Hemp reminds you of that…

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