NOT ISOLATE BASED. Pharmaceutical Grade 

"OHS 33" Nano CBD

​We share "pharmaceutical grade" sun charged, organic practices grown, full spectrum, max-bio-available, true-nano CBD Oil tinctures.   It's the best!


If you or a loved one needs Nano-CBD, send us a message below. We'll contact you with a Web-Store link, and discount Code. We're growing as fast as we can but we won't compromise our quality or process. That's why we are a little bit exclusive. Each batch is hand formulated from heirloom seed stock with special processes known to only a few. 

If you want to share our ordering page URL, and especially any discount referral codes given to you by members have that person send us a message here, with your name as a referral.  We are a society after all.

You are the Healer, Hemp reminds you of that…

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