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CBD for Neuropathic Pain

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

We just had a nice note from someone who tried OHS 33 BSO C L for their son who suffers from painful neuropathy. We weren't sure if our NanoCBD would help as the pain is severe.

" I have been applying 5-6 drops of this and massaging my son's feet and legs when he has neuropathy and it has been effective (also use magnesium lotion). Can usually bring down his pain from a 5 to 1 or 0. There has been a few instances where the pain was higher than that, Using this product + DMSO lotion (50/50 DMSO+Aloe Vera Gel) has been able to bring it to a 1-2 and allow him to fall back asleep. I think if this was mixed with blue emu oil would also allow it to penetrate deeper for those not comfortable using DMSO, which for a long time I was not until I tried out of desperation. Still, this has been an effective topical without the "hotness" of something that has a base of menthol, eucalyptus camphor or capsicum. Those would probably work but isn't ideal for a younger one's sensitive skin. Thank you for letting me try it! -M.P."

Here are two abstracts from the NCBI on Medical Marijuana being studied for Neuropathy.

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