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THC-Cannabis withdrawal syndrome is real for some.

This article is very informative in understanding your THC withdrawal symptoms if you have been a heavy marijuana user and have recently stopped or drastically cut back.

OHS 33 CBD Oil can help with that for some folks, but not if you are suffering from CHS, Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

The good news is that CWS is not too bad, unlike alcohol withdrawal syndrome which can be fatal, and only affects around 15% of folks . Mainly it's the Chronic use of THC in marijuana that is the culprit, but withdrawal from "long term large dose" CBD Oil can also have a few little withdrawal effects. Most issues are easily dispelled by things like drinking water, eating a snack, taking a nap, taking a walk etc. or disappear in a day. The benefits of long term micro-dosing CBD are really showing profound results when addressing a myriad of issues. Stay tuned.

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