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I have been applying 5-6 drops of this and massaging my son's feet and legs with this when he has neuropathy and it has been effective (also use magnesium lotion). Can usually bring down his pain from a 5 to a 1 or 0.

There has been a few instances where the pain was higher than that, Using this product + DMSO lotion (50/50 DMSO+Aloe Vera Gel) has been able to bring it to a 1-2 and allow him to fall back asleep. ... this has been an effective topical without the "hotness" or something that has a base of menthol, eucalyptus camphor or capsicum. Those would probably work but isn't ideal for a younger ones sensitive skin.

Thank you for letting me try it! If there is any other particular feedback I can provide please let me know.

OHS 33 30ml.png

Alan Weigand


Phillip was super helpful answering any questions about my purchases. I have tried so many CBD products with mediocre effects. The difference between those products and Organic Hemp Society products are the following: The Hemp is grown and powered by the natural sun cycles creating a much better flowers. The True-Nano process creates a much better for absorption that can be felt quickly. The addition of Black Seed oil kickstarts the body over time with real life improvements that can be felt over time. My favorite part is the addition of the Copaiba oil. I have no idea the science behind what it does but over time it can be felt in your bodies "Core". I also really like the taste. Love, love love it. If you are on the fence about a purchase just try it once and see how much better you feel after 1 month compared to all the other Oils you have tried. Not saying there are other oils on the market that work OK, but the OHS Oils are what you buy if you need to see real results without wasting money. You will be using a much smaller dose daily with a superior product. Thank you and I hope this review helps those with medical issues or anxiety/ptsd like myself. Alan W.

Stephanie Brown

Wayne, PA

 I'm a holistic dog groomer and I absolutely love the OHS 44 HAO for my diffuser while i groom dogs. The high anxiety dogs are now a totally different dog! They are so happy and mellow and enjoying their spa day:) I 100% recommend this product for high anxiety dogs or even people. Just put one or two drops in a diffuser and you'll definitely see and feel the results!

OHS 33 30ml.png

Colleen P.


 I use this oil for my sciatic pain and it works wonders! Plus the team is so helpful with dosing and usage instructions, the customer support is wonderful! Great product and great experience!


San Diego, CA

My partner has been on CBD regimen for several years now, but he had to take such a large amount of regular CBD to alleviate his chronic pain, so we tried OHS 33 and he was able to reduce the amount from a full dropper of extra strength CBD from other companies 3 times a day to 6 drops of OHS 33 twice a day. It has been an amazing transition for us, and I highly recommend this product.

OHS 33 C 30 ml.png

Melissa E


This oil is amazing...I've been suffering from long term effects of Covid, or a "longhauler" as some call it, using this oil has helped with my anxiety and depression and also the chronic fatigue and muscle pain I've dealt with since November. I'm only on day 4 but I already have a noticeable difference in my symptoms and mood. It actually has a quite comforting scent, so much so that I apply a drop on my temples and massage in! I can't say enough good things about this oil, Thank you're awesome. Sincerely-a now happy and hopeful Covid survivor ??

Dave H.

Volcano, CA

This stuff really works. I have been using for a month and a half now for chronic shoulder pain, and just need to use a little in AM and a little in PM to keep it at bay. Then a couple days ago I got a massive tooth ache and tried applying a small amount directly on the tooth and let it soak into the gums around it and it really helps and will hold me through until my dentist appointment. I am so glad I found these guys. I also really appreciate the company mission, helping those in need.

Lori Reynolds


 It’s the best. It really calmed the ringing in my ears & joint pain. (I’ve always said the ear thing was related to the autoimmune disorders but all drs just ignored me). & I personally love the taste.


Pittsburg, PA

I am a senior citizen who has osteoarthritis of the right shoulder and a torn bicep in the same arm. I had been having problems sleeping and of course pain from my shoulder. I started taking the organic CBD oil several months ago. The pain level in my shoulder is considerably less. I plan to continue the treatment because it is working. I also am sleeping longer and don't have the same problem falling asleep that I had previously. When I bought my initial supply of CBD oil, I also got a glass bottle applicator that makes it very easy to apply to my shoulder. I recommend that you use the applicator rather than applying the oil by hand.

OHS 33 30ml.png


Northern California

Chronic pain for thirty years, been through the mill with traditional and nontraditional medical practitioners, diagnoses, treatments. Using this product for the last five months, thanks to it helping to take the edge off, I've been able to gradually increase exercise and be more consistent with self-care, both of which are imperative for good health no matter what your age or ailment. Thank you!

Tim M.

Sedona, AZ

Philip & anyone else involved with OHS, Your product OHS 33 has allowed me to remember that I am the healer.  Thank you for producing this product and sharing it with me.  I will  recommend this product to anyone asking for advice on CBD.   I am more level-headed, experience less physical pain, have a stronger appetite, sleep better, smile bigger, and feel more confident about bettering myself. For myself. And for my family.  

OHS 33 30ml.png
OHS 33 Fountain.jpg


Mount Vernon. WA

Life altering, I have serious pain levels caused by fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hands that keeps me from doing every day things. This has changed only because of this product. I have tried other oils in the past but the technology here is game changing, if you are questioning at all trying this product, give a chance it could change your entire outlook and experiences.

Janice M.

Doylestown, PA

Got it on a recommendation from a friend. I had back surgery and it was flaring up. Took it under my tongue for pain then applied to sore areas for not only back but arthritic knees. As long as I use it I have no pain. It's been so effective on me, I can't wait for the roll on top to become available. It's a little hard to apply alone to the back.

OHS 33 30ml.png

Charles S.

Chesapeake, MD

 I am a cancer patient, Non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Pain is part of the story so I have been searching for a method of reducing my pain level and reduce my dependency on pain meds. My search is over because True Nano CBD is a game changer. Really works and you use less for the same relief that requires three times as many drops from the others. I'm a customer for life. Thanks for a great product.

Marlene M.

New Hope, PA

I ordered this for easy application on my knees and some minor skin problems. Last week I fell at a construction site walking in to my doctors office. I was bruised in many places since I tripped and fell on cement. In desperation I tried rubbing the CBD oil on all the black and blue sore places. I am so amazed at the results overnight! This product is a mini miracle. The bruises went from black to pale reddish blue and the pain went away, unless I bump the sore spots. Thanks be to God!

OHS 44 BSO-C Temp copy.png
Black on Transparent 133 for signature.png

Elizabeth Young

North Carolina

The absolute best CBD products I have tried for pain relief. You guys are the best and I am thankful I stumbled across your site being mentioned in a forum. Thank you for doing what you do!

Lexi N.


I have many health problems, the OHS 33?  A couple drops under my tongue and sweet relief!

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