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I cannot express deeply enough how much good this lady brings to the World. If you need soul services go no further. She is a counselor in many ways and her Substack is full of great articles especially on health and detox. A life saver to OHS. Incredibly entertaining, her podcast is is a breath of fresh air. Lindsey Rocks.

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A group of very special folks make amazing and delicious coffees and teas that are good for you too. Support artisans and support the Earth. BTW, One of the leaders of this merry band from Maryland is helping to "Save The Trees!" over at

Order now! Puts some CBD drops in.

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Deep Run Hemp supports OHS in many ways. We help them at the Farm, they let us present in their booth at shows, and they offer our products in their stores. They have some great products too so support them and support us! You can use GND10 as a discount code. Enter during checkout for 10% discount.

Holly Hills Health Foods

The best Health Store in Pennsylvania and carries our CBD Oils.


They took a chance on us.


Hulliger Technologies

OHS was founded to support Christopher Hulliger in his efforts to freely give his CBD Oils to those in need. "Buy a bottle gift a bottle" would not be possible without the support of HTI. 

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Greater Good Rescue Me Foundation

Our Sister Organization, dedicated to helping others and providing a safe space to heal and grow.

It's simple. Help others and help yourself. Help yourself and share that feeling with others. 

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