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Extraordinary quality self healing natural remedy.

990 mg CBD per bottle

Full Spectrum

Sun Grown

True+Nano = Cymatically Enhanced

Organic Practices Grown

Hemp Oil in MCT Oil carrier, and that's all.

Zero synthetic emulsions, lipids or surfactants.

20 to 80% more bio-available than most CBD oils.


Sublingual medicinal dosage, start with only 3 drops, once a day, under the tongue. Don't swallow for 30 seconds. 

Very effective as a topical for accupressure massage, aches and pains, or skin care. Apply near issue. For anxiety rub on solar plexus, temples and ears. 


Need a roll on top or want to split your order into another bottle? 

Click Here.

OHS 33 CBD Oil "The Base" Sublingual or Topical 1 oz - 30 ml

  • Keep your oil in a cool place out of direct sunlight when possible. Shake 1-2 times before use. Non toxic but keep out of reach of children. If sharing always have your friend test a drop on the inside of the wrist for allergic reaction. Havn't had one yet but play it safe.

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