Why does our product seem to cost a little more than most?

1. True+Nano Sizing

Why do we always use the word "True" before the word "Nano"?  Most of the products you see that say they are "Nano" either are not, or do not reach the small size that we do. Our product is more bio-available and more effective per milligram. OHS33 is the same price as the top brands out there, however our product is more effective at a smaller dose, so you actually still get a better value than any other brand. The + denotes our process and while that is a trade secret, we can say that we use no chemicals, liposomes, or surfactants and the process actually enhances the positive forces inherent in all healthy foods.

2. We share 25 years of experience in the medical marijuana and CBD therapy space with all the connections and experience that goes with it. 

3. Tippy-Top quality and consistency. Our relationships with our growers, extractors, labs and of course our customers goes back decades with thousands of happy family and friends who have benefitted from our CBD oils and experience. You will not find a better CBD Tincture anywhere! 

4. Our work is pro bono when possible. When you pay, your money is for R&D, expansion, or goes towards our loved ones in need, who cannot pay. We also support "in person" compassionate care, and one to one intuitive counseling so feel good about every cent you spend.

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