Match your product batch number to a Certificate of Analysis from a third party lab below.

Batch 146 Bulletin.   Batch 146 is 30% more potent than batch 145 so the one ounce bottle contains approximately 1260 mgs of CBD as opposed to the labeled 963mgs. Please adjust your dose accordingly. You get more for your money!

Warning: Actual CBD amounts per bottle VS stated amount alert: Because of the organic nature of our NanoCBD Oils and our desire to process our oils as little as possible, OHS LLC reserves the right to include more CBD per bottle than listed on the label. We will never allow less than listed. Always titrate your usage of each new bottle accordingly. If the amount increases by over 25% we will label accordingly. EXAMPLE: You may purchase OHS 33 labeled @33mgs per 1mls but it may contain 38mgs per 1 ml.

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